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Amy Voyles Brunton - 09-30-2018
I regret that I am unable to attend the 50th Reunion. I come to Tempe often to visit my mother and other family members, but a previous commitment leaves no time for me to be there the weekend of the 19th, 20th. Please give a big 'Hello' to all the Buffaloes for me.

JAMES SCHERMANN - 09-11-2018
Retired in Tampa Bay Florida.My apologies as I cannot make it to Tempe.Recieved a call from Rick Sowell about this event,nice to renew with him.Lost my twin brother Michael to cancer.Life is short.Lived in Seattle for 20 yrs and the rain was a factor to my move to Fl.Married to Laura my only love,have a daughter Summer who lives close in st. pete.Life is still good,all are healthy in my camp. Hopefully you have a great and memorable time at the reunion...
Greg Moody - 08-22-2018
I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. From looking at the 40 year reunion pictures (that I missed) I think I will recognize many. Probably won't remember your name though. I have so many fond memories of our years at THS. Being a Tempe native, it was like Mayberry in many ways back then. I have been back many times since and downtown has changed so much, it's like the downtown of a University town. Oh wait, it is a downtown of a University, and one of the best in the great USofA. I hope most will make the effort to attend. And if you know someone who isn't attending, please bring pictures and stories for them.

Steve Ramos - 06-17-2018
The 50th Reunion committe has booked our favorite classmate, Mike Millanes, as the Master of Ceremonies for Saturday night. Mike has entertained and educated thousands over the last 50 years as a junior high teacher in Mesa. You won’t want to miss it.
Melissa Williams - 06-14-2018
I won't be able to attend the TUHS Class of '68 Reunion, but I wish you all a joyful and successful celebration.  I attended Tempe Union High School (as it was called then) only for the first semester of my senior year, as my father was on sabbatical at ASU.  We returned to Caldwell, Idaho in February of 1968, and i graduated with my Caldwell High School class, with whom I had been in school since first grade.  The months in Tempe were some of the very best of my life, and my memories of that time are only sweet.  I remember Sallye Cruz and Debbie Hegel because we spent out of school time together occasionally.   I have very dear memories of Mr Dee, our remarkable  English teacher...he was a 'stand-out' in so many ways as a teacher, ahead of his time.   Though I cannot recall their  names, I also remember with fondness our French teacher and Latin teacher, and the American Government class (though it could have been called 'American Golf...as the teacher talked 'golf' most of the time...)
I wish you all the best not only for your Reunion celebration, but in your lives as well.  
May Blessings abound !
Melissa C Williams
TUHS  Class of 1968
Kathy Kirkpatrick Bell - 06-02-2018
It's been fun reading responses from people whose names I recognize. I was in the A.S.U. Sun Devil Band after attending Mesa Community College as a music major. I have been married to Ray Bell, who was also a music major at ASU, for 45 years. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Ray and I moved to Albuquerque after we got married and now live in Colorado Springs, CO. We are retired and really enjoy the change in lifestyle. I hope to attend the reunion. Ray's high school reunion is the same day as Tempe High Class of 1968 , so he will be attending his own reunion. Looking forward to seeing friends from the past.
Robert H Coate - 03-23-2018
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th.
Nancy Torgerson-Dutcher - 02-10-2018
Oh my goodness!!!it has been 50 years since we all walked up those cement steps and walked across the stage in the amphitheater area next to the auditorium. We were the last class to hold our graduation ceremony there. I’m planning to attend our reunion. I so want to find friends whom I’ve lost touch with and make new friends at the same time. Since our 40th, I had another grand son born, lost my beloved daughter to brain cancer, and accepted the responsibility to raise her three children. I sill love to sing, perform on stage and use my creative side of my brain. High school taught me so many things and gave me the chance to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people. I do look forward to see everyone.
Kathy Jo Garvin-Jehring - 12-08-2017
Hi everyone!  I am planning on coming to the 50th reunion.  That sounds like long time, right?  It will be fun to hear about peoples lives and also tell about mine.  I can't even imagine all the different directions people ventured into!  I'm very excited to be in Tempe again, although I know it is so changed, I probably could get lost<  I have good memories of high school even with all the insecurity's and judgements kids make of each other.  There were so many fun times and how lucky were we getting to have football games at an actual stadium??!   I hope everyone who recognizes me will come and say hi, I will do the same!  In 2015 I was given 3 months to live, with lg. cell melanoma in all of my bones- stage 4.  Jesus healed me and I am cancer free!  Cancer in my vertebra caused many parts to collaps, but I can walk, and I'm alive!!!
Dadvid Link - 08-02-2017
I decided to cheek out our website and was glad to  see it was still there. Thanks to all who have kept it going.  Looking for 50th (gasp) Reunion info. Married for 44 yrs. 2 grown Daughters and 2 Grandchildren.  Retired from Dry cleaning Business.    On Facebook.
John Blue - 11-28-2016
It was great seeing all the pictures...brought back a lot of memories...
Donald Benjamin - 08-06-2016
Just wanted to say a fond hello to all those in the class who remember the English teacher who remembers you well!
Steve ramos - 10-16-2015
Hi Rich. I hope we will have a reunion soon. Until then check out and 'like' our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TempeHighClassOf1968?ref=hl or post some pictures on the website.
Richard Sales - 10-09-2015
Like to see old classmates.
Steve Ramos - 08-29-2015
Coleen Conley is a THS '68 graduate. Unfortunately, on the 'Contact Classmates' page she is listed as missing. That means we have no information on her. Hopefully someone else will read your post and give us some information. Speaking of information. If you are the Connie McBlane who graduated from Tempe High in '68, we would love to add your contact information to the web page. also find us and 'like' us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TempeHighClassOf1968

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